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The peasants of a neighboring village Nieder-Beerbach lived in fear of the mighty dragon. It is said the dragon would creep in at night and eat the villagers and their children in their sleep. One day a knight by the name of Lord George rode into town. The townsfolk were desperate, seeing a brave knight gave them hope, and they poured out their troubles and sorrows as he promised to help them.

The next day, he put on his armor and rode up to the castle, into the garden and straight to the well where the dragon was taking a rest in the sun.

The Strange and Twisted Life of “Frankenstein”

Lord George got off his horse and attacked the dragon. The dragon fought for his life, puffed and spewed out fire and steam. Hours passed as the two continued to battle. Finally, just as the knight was about to drop from exhaustion, and just as the dragon was going to drop from exhaustion, the knight plunged his sword into the underbelly of the beast and was victorious.

But as the dragon struggled in agony, it coiled its tail with the poisonous spine around the knight's belly and stung. Lord George and the dragon both fell. The villagers were so happy and relieved that the dragon was finally slain they wanted to give the knight a proper, honorable burial.

What Frankenstein means now

They brought him to the Church of Nieder Beerbach, in the valley on the east side of the castle, and gave him a marvelous tomb. To this day, you can still visit and pay your respects to Lord George, the Knight who slew the Dragon in the s. Hidden behind the herb garden of the castle, there is a fountain of youth. Legend is that in the first full-moon night after Walpurgis Night , old women from the nearby villages had to undergo tests of courage.

The one who succeeded became rejuvenated to the age she had been on the night of her wedding. It is not known if this tradition is still being practiced these days. In the 18th century, a gold rush caused some turmoil near Frankenstein Castle. It is believed [ who? In , chaotic scenes took place which even an intervention of a priest from the neighbouring village of Nieder-Beerbach could not stop.


It was then that local authorities banned further gold-digging. Frankenstein Castle gained international attention [ citation needed ] when the SyFy TV-Show Ghost Hunters International made a whole episode about the castle in Episode and claimed it would show "significant paranormal activity". The investigators met with a Frankenstein expert who guided Robb Demarest, Andy Andrews, Brian Harnois and their colleague through the castle and discussed its legends and paranormal sightings.

After discussing their personal experiences, the team used audio and video devices for their investigation. Sounds from the chapel and the entrance tower sounded like words [ citation needed ] and a ultrasonic recorder picked up signals [ clarification needed ] in the chapel.

A recorded sound was identified as a phrase in Old German that means "Arbo is here", which was interpreted as "Arbo" probably meaning "Arbogast", the name of a knight of the castle, announcing his presence and claim over the land. A second sound bite was interpreted to mean "come here".

The team left Frankenstein Castle convinced that there is some sort of paranormal activity going on. In a remote part of the forest behind Frankenstein Castle on meter high Mount Ilbes, compasses do not work properly due to magnetic stone formations of natural origin. Local nature enthusiasts and witchcraft practitioners are said [ who? Legend has it [ who? Close to Frankenstein Castle, a large felsenmeer "sea of rocks" near the village of Lautertal is assumed [ who? Allegedly, Siegfried the dragonslayer , on a hunting trip leading him from the Burgundian city of Worms into the Odenwald, was murdered by Hagen of Tronje at the Felsenmeer's Siegfriedsquelle "Siegfried's wellspring".

Almost immediately after his creation, he dresses himself; and within 11 months, he can speak and read German and French.

Frankenstein Ölümsüzlerin Savaşı

By the end of the novel, the creature appears able to speak English fluently as well. The Van Helsing and Penny Dreadful interpretations of the character have similar personalities to the literary original, although the latter version is the only one to retain the character's violent reactions to rejection. In the film adaptation , the monster is depicted as mute and bestial; it is implied that this is because he is accidentally implanted with a criminal's "abnormal" brain.

In the subsequent sequel, Bride of Frankenstein , the monster learns to speak, albeit in short, stunted sentences. In the second sequel, Son of Frankenstein , the creature is again rendered inarticulate. Following a brain transplant in the third sequel, The Ghost of Frankenstein , the monster speaks with the voice and personality of the brain donor.

This was continued after a fashion in the scripting for the fourth sequel, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man , but the dialogue was excised before release. The monster was effectively mute in later sequels, though he is heard to refer to Count Dracula as his "master" in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.


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The monster is often portrayed as being afraid of fire. Scholars sometimes look for deeper meaning in Shelley's story, and have analogized the monster to a motherless child; Shelley's own mother died while giving birth to her. Another proposal is that the character of Dr. Frankenstein was based upon a real scientist who had a similar name, and who had been called a modern Prometheus — Benjamin Franklin. Accordingly, the monster would represent the new nation that Franklin helped to create out of remnants left by England.

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