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You may have heard of this next one. The subject of this memoir, the disappearance of Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant at the time, became a national story in The primary suspect was her husband, Scott, after it was discovered that he had a mistress after Laci's disappearance. He was eventually found guilty and has been in jail ever since. Sharon Rocha, Laci's mother, wrote her firsthand account of the ordeal. Sharon now campaigns for victim's rights and was a driving force behind the passing of Laci and Conner's Law.

The law was signed into effect in and made it a crime to harm a fetus during an attack on a pregnant woman. This memoir recounts a tragic loss for a mother, while exploring the investigation and the trial. Carolyn Jessup's life story of growing up in a religious cult takes the next spot on the best true crime memoirs. At age 18, she was forced into marrying a year-old man with three wives.

She had eight children with her "husband" and her life consisted of psychological abuse, including being pitted against the other wives and not having a say in any aspect her life.

The Coder Who Became A Criminal Mastermind - Paul Le Roux

Luckily, she was able to escape with all eight of her children and wrote about it in her aptly-named memoir, Escape. Ariel Castro kidnapped Michelle Knight while she was in a custody battle for her young son. With the timing of her disappearance, authorities assumed she simply ran away, and took her off the missing persons list 15 months after she had gone missing.

The three were tortured for over a decade until their escape in Knight recounts her heart-shattering experiences in this memoir and how she found the strength to carry on when all hope was seemingly lost. The Silence of the Lambs of the true crime memoirs on this list, this book details conversations between a serial killer and young reporter, Claudia Rowe.

Rowe was interested in the case of Kendall Francois.

Coffeeshop: Crime-busting Super Mario to the rescue

Francois was the connection between eight unsolved murders. He had strangled eight woman, placed them in the attic and basement of his house, and hid this from his mother, father, and sister, who he shared the house with. Rowe and Francois cover a wide range of topics in their conversations, that are both chilling and insightful. Does this look familiar? It should.

Bringing Elizabeth Home: A Journey of Faith and Hope follows the same story as the first memoir on this list, but from Elizabeth's parents' perspective. I think including both books on the same ranking offers two entirely different viewpoints on an occurrence where it is hard to have both in such detail. So check both out and see what differences and similarities you can find, they are tremendous reads.

Two of the students injured, Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos, suffered serious burns while escaping. This story focuses on the countless hours of work performed by the medical staff tasked with keeping Llanos and Simons alive. It also touches on family, friendship, inner beauty, and how to overcome anything.

They've paid the price, so let old lags write their memoirs

Beth's daughter, Natalee, went missing on her senior trip to Aruba in Natalee's mother, determined to find her, organized volunteers to look, spread awareness, and searched tirelessly for her. This book details her efforts and continuing search for Natalee. As of today, she remains missing. The Movie Criminal: Henri Verdoux Charles Chaplin , a bank teller who comes up with a grim money-making scheme when he loses his job - marry and murder rich widows to get his hands on their fortunes.

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Why We Like Them: Though Verdoux's plan is undeniably dour, the fact that he's played by Charlie Chaplin means we can't help liking him just a tiny bit. Only a tiny bit, mind. And despite being the typical Hollywood blonde, Dawn proves she's got some grey stuff in her noggin as well when she repeatedly outsmarts other criminals.

The Movie Criminal: Tom Ripley Matt Damon , a super-intelligent psychopath who uses his super-intelligence to trick people out of their millions. His talents aside from looking good in a specs-and-bathing-suit combo include impersonation and forgery. Why We Like Him: Ripley's just sort of messed up, and though he takes pleasure in screwing up other peoples' lives, we can't help feeling sorry for him, too. This despite taking a family hostage. He's also handy if there are ever any vampires around.

Why We Like Them: Chad and Linda might fancy themselves as mastermind criminals, but the reality is that they're both, well, pretty stupid. Adorably so. We seek to understand the world by hanging symbols on patterns, much like weavers create quilts from individual patches of fabric. Sometimes, those quilts are made out of really crappy material and too much crazy. There are also those who seem to be made of pure genius, but that line is very thin and easy debatable.

You be the judge. Here are 15 professors who were also convicted criminals. Image Source. The cherry on top? He was also a murderer. It was a dark and stormy night when Professor Snook picked up the soggy Theora Hix from the side of the road and drove her to her dorm.

Three weeks later they had initiated a torrid love affair, the details of which were rather avant garde , according to some. Their liaison would lead to a crushed skull, a cut throat, and an electrocution. He testified that she then threatened to kill him as well, and when she slid from the car and rummaged through her purse he anticipated that she would draw a pistol; he gave her another crack in the dome just in case. Snook then precisely severed her carotid artery as she lay incapacitated, ostensibly to end her suffering.

The autopsy revealed that she had recently ingested Spanish Fly and cannibis indica. It was later revealed that the two had been experimenting with numerous narcotics in the course of their sexual affair. Ample evidence and witnesses damned Snook in the eyes of the jury, who needed a mere 28 minutes to reach a guilty verdict.

A Tangled Web: Organized Crime and Oligarchy in Putin’s Russia

Snook was executed by Old Smokey less than a year later. Donovan went so far as to tamper with a security camera, shoot his vehicle full of holes, simulate a break-in of his house, and falsify a police report in order to implicate his son. Whatever his ontological status, Socrates was indisputably one of the greatest teachers in history and generated some of the most infectious memes in the lineage of ideas.

Galileo knew a thing or two about being the center of attention.

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  7. That his advocacy of Copernican views on heliocentricity can still whip a certain set into choleric frenzy indicates just how serious the Church was when it condemned him for heresy in As with Socrates, Galileo stands to remind us to be careful who we sting in in the name of Truth. After the publication of Dialogue, however, Urban VII was forced to respond publicly by calling Galileo to Rome to defend himself against charges of heresy.

    He was found guilty and sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life. Fortunately for Galileo, the prevailing view of his legacy is positive enough that we name spacecraft , extraterrestrial geographical features , and telescopes in his honor. A third generation architect, the talented young Speer served as an adjunct professor to Henrich Tessenow , one of the most important architects of the Weimar period.

    During this time he had little care for political matters, and in fact numerous sources including William L.