Stanas Debt (Book 1 in The Unicorn Series)

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Unlike Molly who is nurturing and warm, Haggard is cold and calculating. I picked him up where someone else had set him down, thinking that I had never been happy and never had a son. It was pleasant enough at first, but it died quickly. All things die when I pick them up.

Haggard consistently shows in his statements and actions that the only authority he understands is his own. Schmendrick readily exhibits the trickster archetype in The Last Unicorn as the wise fool who was cheated out of mortality by Nikos and is the bumbling magician who uses his magic to try to get out of inopportune situations. Schmendrick could arguably be seen as a positive trickster. Beagle briefly adds Mommy Fortuna as a negative trickster who uses magic to dupe others and advance herself through the suffering of others.

Schmendrick, at first glance, would seem to be the simple, bumbling magician. He works simple magical amusements for the patrons of the Midnight Carnival, all the while looking to the unicorn with a sly glance: Schmendrick stood on a box and did tricks. The unicorn watched him with great interest and a growing uncertainty, not of his heart but of his craft. The unicorn liked that, even though it did turn out to be a radish seed. The animus he must present to the world is one of the clumsy, inept magician.

Schmendrick finds his salvation and balance when he finally surrenders himself to his unconscious, as represented by his ability to perform powerful magic despite his apparent incompetence. Conversely, Mommy Fortuna embodies the negative trickster.

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She uses her powers to trick those around her out of their money with spells of seeming; she disguises a pathetic dog as Cerberus, an ape with an injured foot as a satyr, and a lion as a manticore. These spells act as illusions over the actual animal. She lacks the ability truly to change things, unlike Schmendrick, who has the ability to transform the object itself. Mommy Fortuna preys on the fears of others especially when she takes on the persona of Elli, or Old Age, and her greatest accomplishment is preying on these fears for money.

She preserves her fragile identity by fooling others; the use of her abilities to harm or fool others makes her the negative trickster. I held you! Up until her death Mommy Fortuna continues her spell of seeming: she seems to believe that she had power over the deadly harpy or that she could hold a unicorn captive.

She fooled herself as readily as she fooled her customers, and her self-described powers were an illusion made to hide a trickster who was disappointed in herself and her lost dreams. The animus of Mommy Fortuna overpowered the anima; she projected to the world that she had all the power she needed to hold powerful mythical creatures captive, yet her anima would be one of insecurity and beliefs as insubstantial as her spells.

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Beagle also introduces his readers to another trickster figure in Tamsin; this trickster is portrayed in legend as malicious and devious yet proves to have a choice regarding what it does. This trickster is the pooka. It might be a pooka. But mostly you meet it as a fine black pony, absolutely black, inviting you to get on its back and take a ride. Very warped sense of humor, pookas have. The pooka has a degree of respect toward Tamsin and listens to her criticism when he is caught trying to coerce Jenny to mount his back. Throughout the story the pooka watches Jenny, speaks with her on occasion regarding Tamsin, and offers some advice, yet Jenny always has a sense of distrust toward this creature.

The reader later learns that the pooka has an interesting relationship with Tamsin: disguised as her brother Hugh, the pooka carried Tamsin out of the forest and back home on the night of her death. I have to get to her! Jenny ignores this warning and chooses to trust the pooka to get her to Tamsin. He then walks away and calmly tells Jenny to see to the matter at hand herself.

The pooka is unusual in his dualistic nature. While it is readily apparent that he is the trickster archetype of Tamsin, Beagle exhibits the archetype as a balanced entity in one character. Only his brother, Alex can save him—the problem is that Alex is dead. Michael is now a key player in a world he once feared.

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By day, he is the head of a Fortune company by night, the CEO of Tartarus, one of the worlds largest illegal gambling operations. Before his death, Alex invested heavily in breakthrough artificial intelligence software so that he could live forever. It worked. In his virtual form, Alex can communicate with Michael and monitor information—and people—in ways the NSA would envy. He detects plots that reach from the darkest corners of Queens, to the highest officials in the Vatican—and they all want Michael dead.

Michael is now in a race to save his life, but he is never alone—Alex is there to help him navigate through this maze of life and death. Also protecting Michael from the forces closing in around him is Sindy Steele, a beautiful—and lethal bodyguard. How far is Michael willing to go to save his own life—and that of his family? Guided only by a familiar face on a computer screen, will the information Alex discovers allow Michael to go from being the hunted to the hunter?

This startling look at artificial intelligence opens your eyes to many realities you think are only in your dreams. He and his family live in Cary. Pre-registration is now open. Students are welcome to bring questions about privacy and legality that they are facing or think they may face in their own work.

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The NCWN Spring Conference is a full day of classes on the craft and business of writing, as well as faculty readings, Lunch with an Author, an open mic for conference participants, and the third annual Slush Pile Live! Master class registration is first-come, first-served, and all Master Class applications must be received by Friday, April 7. To apply, attendees should submit up to 1, sequential words from a single work, along with their current CV in a separate attachment, on the same day that they register for the conference.

Submissions should be saved in a single MS Word document, using double-spaced point Times New Roman font, with numbered pages, and sent as an attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. The title of the work and the author's name should appear on the submission.

The sample he or she submits will be the work discussed in class, and accepted registrants will be asked to circulate their drafts to others in the class prior to the conference. Each registrant should be ready to handle the intensive instruction and atmosphere of the Master Class. Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in numerous journals, including, among others, The Southern Review, Shenandoah , and Our State.

For thirty-three years she taught literature and creative writing at the University of North Carolina Greensboro and is currently on the faculty of the Wildacres Writer Conference. Other sponsors include Bingham Prize for Debut Fiction.

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In Jeffrey T. Kiser-Paradi's distinctive collection of short stories, we find ourselves on a bit of a disjointed and oftentimes comic journey. This is a place where individuals attempt to shake off their past, moving house and changing continents along the way, all the while awakening to the reality that long ago accidents of human folly, such as war and death, can still hold sway in the present. The events of can indeed diagram the outcomes of , , and It is a world where the material objects that comprise our everyday life are empowered with the ability to move and shake our destiny.

A bed, a piano, a Christmas ornament, and an antique cupboard can not only remind us of just where it is we stand in the order of the universe, but can deliver a well-placed smack on the head as well. For example, "August " explores the imagined internal breakdown of the author's great-grandfather before his sudden death in His fascination with history, antiques, genealogy, and the past in general, showed up early and inexplicably in his life, with his parents being rather stumped as to where the interest came from.

He lived in Greensboro and New York City before moving to London in , where he makes his home with Tibor, his husband of nine years.

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None of that is true. As we readers tune in to the lines, we tune out the distractions that assault us. Sometimes in these stanzas there is 'perfect attunement' that allows harmonic tones to be heard, even as, like the sounds of Tibetan bells, they shimmer into silence.