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Robert Plank: I like the idea of this itty bitty book and this 15 steps. I'm looking at the site and there's 15 steps to weight loss, 15 steps to traveling, cool stuff like that. Could you walk us through a case study of one of these clients you had, one of the books you-. Suzy Prudden: I'll give you my favorite. I have two favorites right now. Anthony who wrote a book the Little Black Book of Sales. I met him at a conference last year when we were only a year old, our company is only a year old. We have over a hundred authors so far. I met Anthony at a conference, I talked about Itty Bitty at lunch.

He said "Let me have an application. His book- He signed the contract in March. His book came out in June of last year. He's probably close to half a million dollars. Because of it, he uses his book as He's a sales coach for the automotive industry for car dealerships. He goes into car dealerships, he'll give a presentation. They hire him for a year to help their salesmen. They send him to Dubai this year to speak for two weeks.

He's probably close to half a million dollars because he has an itty bitty book. It's positioned him as an expert in his field and creates him as an automatic authority. That's one favorite. The other one is [Cat Bonback ] who wrote the book on marijuana. This is one of my favorite stories. When I spoke to her last year, last summer.

I think it was in August. I met her at a conference. When I called her and spoke to her, I said "What do you do? I said "What do you want to write about? I said "Yes. How about you write the book, you're amazing marijuana book, 15 ways to use cannabis for healing? Your next book is going to be 15 ways to talk to your children about cannabis.

Your next book is going to be how to use edibles correctly. You're going to create a coaching program and you're going to teach people how to teach people how to use cannabis so they use it wisely.

Suzy Prudden's Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book

Go find out if cannabis coach is available," it wasn't. I said "How about the cannabis coach," it was. I said "buy it. Then she said "What about Mary Jane? I want to do them like Tupperware parties where we sell cannabis paraphernalia at parties.

The Amazing Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book - eBook

She started teaching her cannabis coaching certification program this past March. She was in a conference recently where she sold 61 places in her cannabis coaching certification program.

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That's a nice day. I just got off the phone with her this morning. She's going to be doing one in Los Angeles either late this year or early next year. I told her she had to raise the prices because my coach told me I had to raise my prices, so I told her she had to raise her prices. Now she will take this business and there will be 50 cannabis coaches who are doing Mary Jane parties. They have to be licensed through her, they have to be certified through her, she gets money.

They do the parties, she hooks them up with all the vendors. The vendors make money, the coaches make money, and she makes override. When I'm hearing about the Itty Bitty Book and the 15 steps, how big of a book are we talking about? Suzy Prudden: It's an itty bitty book. Here's how to look at it. Dummies came out in the '80s and they were the quintessential what you need to know book, but they're pages.

You have to read a Dummies book with a yellow highlighter. Itty Bitty Books are the yellow highlights.

What we've done is taken the information that people need and simplified it so succinctly that it takes 20 minutes to read an itty bitty book and you can mark the pages you need to reference. On page one of each chapter, it's the information. Page two of each chapter is a bullet point to more information that you can then send them your website, "To reach more about this go to here.

From the Vault - Itty Bitty Publishing and Success w/Suzy Prudden

You're sending people from your Itty Bitty Book back and forth to your website, to your book, to your website, to your book. You're constantly creating streams of income from your Itty Bitty Book to your website, from your website to your webinar, to your seminars, to your products whatever it is you're selling.

Or you can send them to somebody else, or some other information, depending on what the information is that they need. Yes, it's an Itty Bitty Book so you can handle it, but it's much bigger if you choose to go further. In other words, you don't have to weed through a lot of information to get to the piece you need. You get the piece you need and then if you want to expand on it, it has a link. If it's a digital it goes right to their thing. It's paperback, on Amazon then you have to put the information into your computer.

All the Itty Bitty Books are on Amazon and they're on the digitals. We've done nine best selling campaigns so far and we have nine best sellers so far. We have another best seller- A best seller campaign every month. Every Itty Bitty author has the opportunity to become a best selling author. It's so exciting, I get speechless with excitement because it's giving so many people an opportunity to do so much more with what they had in the past.

Now they have a further reach. They're all of a sudden international because they have a book on Amazon. That can operate on a lead generator to their business.

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We also have a whole thing on our website where we have a directory for anyone around the world can sign up in our directory. We send them leads when people click on their information and put in their information that they want to talk to this person about whatever product or whatever service, like Anthony has sales. If someone wants to learn from Anthony, they can contact Anthony. Then we send Anthony the lead. It's very exciting. Robert Plank: That's pretty cool.

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book by Joan Meijer Suzy Prudden - Book - Read Online

I'm looking at your directory right now and I'm looking at Anthony's listing and that kind of stuff. What I like about the way that you've laid it out is that these people that you come in contact with who have a really good idea, they can get the book done quickly while also excited about it. Maybe before they met you, they've been struggling.

Maybe some of them have half a book made and they thought it had to be pages. Suzy Prudden: So many of them have been writing their books for the last eight years. This is what we do. When you say yes and you give us some money, because we are a pay to play house, we send you a how to write an Itty Bitty Book book. We send you an Itty Bitty Book and we send you the template. If you read the how to write the Itty Bitty Book and you write it the way we tell you to write it, and you use the template, we've had people write their books in two afternoons.