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Or is it me on my own Is it my imagination or my paranoid zone? Is it the world we live in or the land that we roam?

Yeah they're watching, I think they've gone and tapped my phone Like damn! What am I gonna do - these locks I can't break it My freedom they will take it - if I run, will I make it?

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To somewhere that's far away. This song was submitted on July 13th, and last modified on July 13th, Lyrics licensed by LyricFind. I Don't Understand lyrics London Elektricity 5.

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Will To Love lyrics London Elektricity 5. BuzzFeed told me they wanted to talk to me so I could provide balance to their story as a positive perspective and then they twisted my words in a negative way. My interactions with Tony were always respectful, professional and appropriate.

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When the woman involved in this intervention read the article, she was stunned by the gross distortion between what she read and her real-life experience. She courageously shared how the life-changing experience at the event positively impacted her life, stating:.

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They reloaded their drivel gun and tried again. Unsurprisingly, Buzzfeed did not acknowledge key facts we shared since that would have ruined their narrative that I was somehow doing something injurious to my attendees.

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Today, BuzzFeed published another article riddled with falsehoods, concerning an alleged incident from , 34 years ago when I was 25 years old. I turn 60 in just a few months.


In the lead up to the latest story, a caller specifically said that a BuzzFeed reporter shared a version of a story with him and asked him to confirm the details she shared. He called us because he felt she had an agenda, was driving a preconceived narrative and trying to manipulate him into confirming the story she told him.

Instead of asking him questions about what he believed to be true, the reporter repeatedly asked him to confirm accounts of her version of the story, even though he was not directly involved. Apparently, this tactic is well developed. Fingerprint video.

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