Wrath of the Gods: Manipulation

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After tragedy strikes members of his family, Aaron is quick to discover that there is more to his family than meets the eye. Involving the gods he had only believed to be the focus of stories and mythology, Aaron is inevitably drawn into an eighteen-year long civil war, and counting. With the help of his real father and other various gods, he is taught the art of ancient magic, heroic fighting practices, and the concept of "real" monsters on Earth.

Do Modern People Have Room for the Wrath of God?

Fighting alongside his father, the leader of the Anubicratics, he faces many obstacles along the way, including having difficulty trusting his new allies and controlling the recently surfaced "animal" inside of him. However, Aaron learns that nothing could have prepared him as to why the ruler of the Sethtalitarians started the war or what lengths the Egyptian god of chaos and misery would go to make sure victory winds up his. Their mother was Otrera , another Amazon queen and daughter of Eurus.

Ares was a powerful Deity and a son of Zeus, and only became more powerful during conflict or times of war.

Bring down the wrath of God on evil men

Ares was called Mars in Roman mythology. Mars, in contrast to Ares, was said to have been the most revered Roman god.

He was particularly important there because his sons by Rhea Silvia , Romulus and Remus , were the founders of the city of Rome, making Mars the city's patriarch. He was also associated with agriculture and his sacred month, the beginning of spring, is now called March after him.

Dark Souls - How to get Wrath of the Gods early (Pre-Lordvessel)

Nowadays, Ares has appeared in many modern mediums, such as comics, books, movies and TV shows, mostly as the antagonist. In DC Comics, he is an enemy of Wonder Woman and is most frequently shown with a helmet with four horns, he is also portrayed by David Thewlis in Wonder Woman as the main antagonist who started World War 1. In Marvel Comics, he is the Olympian God of war and is a neutral character who is mostly associated with the Hercules comics.

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He also appears in many books. He makes a cameo in the second book of the Olympus Bound trilogy by Jordanna Max Brodsky, Winter of the Gods, as the second victim of The Host The main antagonistic cult in their Mithraic sacrifice to make Cronus stronger.

He also appears in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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